Tips, Tricks and Strategies Play Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game made in Ironhide Studio. This game including old is quite old and already has a great community. Until this article was written, there have been three games that Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Kingdom Rush Origins.

If ordered by a story in it, the story begins on Kingdom Rush Origins, then continued in the past to the Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

The third game has gameplay (how to play) the same, we will Hero that can be moved to and fro, 4 kinds of tower base, reinforcements and last resort weapon.

For the first time play Kingdom Rush, it is advisable to play Kingdom Rush before attempting Frontiers and Origins. In addition to cheaper, more simple graphics and the enemy is much simpler.


Here are Tips, Tricks and Strategies Series Play Kingdom Rush:

Know Type and Number of Enemies

Before playing, you eg to tap the circle ends of the street (where the enemy will come out), from there you can see the number and type of enemies that will come out next. This is important so that you can prepare yourself and the next strategy.
Reduce the amount of enemy

There is a wave that brings the enemy in small amounts but there is also the enemy to bring in large amounts and various types. Well, it is very important to reduce the number of enemies before they entered the “slaughter”.

Create “The Massacre”

The definition of “A Massacre” is a point (point) where the three main tower archer, wizard and bomb can strike simultaneously. Some maps show the “slaughter” very clear. However, some others do not even have hidden enough.

Well, how about no?

Easy. First, prepare the barrack where troops put a halt to the enemy. Then, place the tower bomb as close as possible if you can disebrangnya. Then, at a more distant, place an archer and place the wizard as a last defense.
Focus on archer tower upgrade

Focus upgrade early-early game on the tower radius especially archer and bomber (depending on the type of enemy that is more out). If the enemy is more out is the substantial sums quickly, then focus on the bomber upgrade.

If not, focus on archer tower upgrades. Why? Because the tower archer cheap, fast and can attack enemies that fly too.

Do not underestimate Reinforcements (reinforcements)

In the early levels, reinforcements may be weak and only as a ‘bait’ or add time. But, do not underestimate them. After upgrading to a maximum, reinforcement can no longer be underestimated. They are strong enough to face the enemy, rapid cooldown and can attack the enemy in the air.

If you deficiency tower to attack enemies that fly, you can take advantage of the maximum level of reinforcement to help you.

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