Tips, Tricks and Cheat Motorsport Manager

Some time ago (maybe still today), some good games to get a discount on PlayStore, of course I did not waste this opportunity to buy 2 games a target that is already included in the wishlist for a long time that is Monument Valley and Motorsport Manager.

Special this time, I will discuss a few tips, tricks and cheat to Motorsport Manager. This game is quite caught my attention, because in addition Grandprix Story of Kairosoft, I did not find a racing simulation game pretty good team more.


In general, tips and tricks to play the game Motorsport Manager of the tips and tricks of the racing car itself. For example:

1. If a circuit has a fairly long straight lines, pairs of gear at top speed, use aerodynamics to straight as well as the soft tire. The combination of these three elements will create a car that was really fast and likely to overtake an opponent in a straight line. If a lot of corners, attach gear to use the acceleration and aerodynamics to cornerning and the hard tire. It’s a mix so that the car can turn quickly and anticipate the rapid tire becomes thin due to frequent brake.

Okay, now for tips and tricks before the race:

2. Qualifying is an important part in a race, at this time, we should be able to find the right setting. Are strongly advised to heed the advice given before the qualifying session at the start, sometimes that advice is very useful, but if setting proved to be more stable, do not take the advice.

When qualification, send out riders as much as several times with different settings. Well, if it turns slower new setting (appears white round), cancel laps in order to change the setting more quickly.

3. Like the suggestion in number 1 above, tire selection is very important. Maybe when it rains, the only option is wet tire. But, what if not? Definitely confused want to wear soft tire or hard tire is not it? It’s easy, just look for the weather. If the weather is sunny, use the hard tire, especially if the predicted rain cloudy, use a soft tire.

Below are some tips and tricks Motorsport Manager for during the race:

4. The right time to enter the pit stop is when the tire’s durability only a quarter or 25% only. This will increase the effectiveness during the race. Then, what if the tire’s durability is still a lot and suddenly the rain? Well, if you forget to pay attention to the weather, there are two things you can do.

First, immediately entered the pit-stop and replace it with a wet tire with the assumption that your opponents will certainly do the same thing.

Second, immediately step on the gas (change drive style to “push) to the over-lapping while spending the durability of the tire so as not to waste, unfortunately, in addition to advantageous, it is also full of risks, in addition to the risk of an accident, you are also likely to be overtaken when changing tires alone in the pit stop.

5. When the remaining laps over 6 laps and said the weather would turn into rain in 7 minutes, when it is the right time to change the tires to the wet tire. When the rain suddenly flushed, we do not need to go to the pit stop to change of tires. Yes, this is a pretty risky strategy but the result will be quite worth it.

Tips and tricks last is about HQ, staff and others:

6. Always select a more expensive upgrade, will appear in which you are faced with the dilemma of doing the upgrade. If the amount of money sufficient, always select the more expensive upgrades. In this game, the price is more expensive to make upgrades bigger. The cheaper ones usually increase the quality as much as 6%, while the more expensive 12%.

7. Invest more mainstream in Design and Manufacturing. It is true that the Aerodynamics can make cars lighter weight, but when the race was part of Design and Manufacturing will provide greater impact and more pronounced.

I think it was just a few tips, tricks and cheat to Motorsport Manager. Congratulations race.

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