Tips to Get Highest Points in Game 2048

2048 is a very unique puzzle game where we have to combine the checkered figure in order to establish the number 2048. Although it looks very simple, but it takes patience and careful strategy so that we can win this game with a perfect 2048 without a cheat.

This time Carisinyal will review some tips and strategies in order to get the highest points at the same time get a box with the number 2048. For those of you who do not have his game, please download it for free via the Play Store here.

Basic Tricks Tips

Before designing a strategy to play, it helps us know in advance the basic game tips and tricks in 2048 so that we really understand the pattern of the game. Here are 5 important tips that quoted from the site
1. Understand the Movement Patterns Box

In the 2048 game, you can only do the four movements to the right, left, up, and down. Every time you make a move, then all of the boxes will be shifted in the direction you are headed. The boxes will also join if it has the same number. Do several trials that you really understand the movement patterns of those boxes.
2. Do not Make Much of the framed box

Not too much to make a box with a big number because it will only make it difficult to combine. The best way is to combine small numbers without the need to combine them into a big advance.

The combined many small numbers that will allow us to make a box with a very large number. It is certainly much better than have a lot of big numbers, but its position is irregular and difficult to combine.
3. Focus corner

To help us in making large-framed box, then focus on making it in the corner, either the top or bottom corner. That way we will always focus on combining figures that direction. Besides this way the arrangement of the box that we have will not fall apart.
4. Quiet and Concentration

Game 2048 demanded a high concentration so that we were not wrong in their stride. But when the error occurred, then we must be calm and not panic in order to correct the error. Any bad mistakes we’ve made, then we can still improve it as long as there is no space to move the boxes.
5. Combine Multiple Box Directly

Combine several boxes at once if you have the opportunity to do so. The reason is, the more space is available the easier it is for us to set a strategy game.

When we combine a box, then in fact we just replace the box coupled with a new box. But when we combine several boxes at once, we not only create a new box, but also create a new empty space. Very interesting is not it?

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