The contents of the Playstation 4 Pro

Has the “advantage” of the year compared to the competitors – a new Microsoft Project Scorpio will launch in late 2017 with a performance that claimed far more powerful, Sony Interactive Entertainment does have strong momentum for its latest product – Playstation 4 Pro. Although some games run in upscaled to 4K resolution, but the opportunity to enjoy the latest games in framerate or better visual in 1080p resolution even so the temptation is too hard to pass up. Then, as neat as what Sony ? It’s her chance to see the technology in it.


Following the custom that had they done in previous products, including Playstation VR though, Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally released a new video aimed at one thing – to show you what the technology carried by the console “strongest” in the market today such. You can see some improvement from the original version of the Playstation 4, including network cards better.

Playstation 4 Pro itself is offered at a price of $ 399 and had touched the price of 6.5 million rupiah in Indonesia when it is available a few days ago. Looks neat inside ..

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