Nintendo Switch Will Be More Affordable?

Nintendo has already announced to the public what they wanted to pursue with their latest products – Switch. Rather than follow the trend of raw fighting ability to enjoy games with the latest release of the best visual quality and framerate being promoted by Sony and Microsoft, they decided to take a creative path as the previous generation platform. That innovation and uniqueness of the market it is to be pursued. Switch is already confirmed as a conventional hybrid device between the console and handheld, which looks able to handle third party games. Unfortunately, Nintendo itself no longer share more detail.


Through an official announcement some time ago, Nintendo already assured that they will share information about the details – from specification to end in early 2017. In the meantime, all the information is scattered in cyberspace nothing more than rumors, but still too attractive to pass up. One of the latest to emerge from a giant game retailer in the UK – GAME which reportedly has set a price.

Interestingly again? Unlike the other models priced console, Nintendo touted Switch will be present with a more affordable rate. GAME reportedly will offer two types of Nintendo Switch – Basic and Premium Models Models that come with extra internal storage. Switch Nintendo called basic version will be offered at a price of £ 199.99 / $ 250 / US $ 3.3 million, while the Premium version at £ 249.99 / USD 312 / Rp 4.1 million. Switch controller itself will be offered around £ 39.99 / US $ 50 / US $ 660 thousand.

Nintendo has yet to give any official comments about the price related information that has been spread in this virtual world. How about you? Is this price level attractive for you to glance at the Switch?

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