Dev. The Witcher 3 argued no attempt forcibly buy

Capital armed with fantastic figures of a larger company might be a scenario that is awesome on paper. But for some companies that make creativity as the main products, such as the gaming industry, for example, he could end up a disaster. Already how often do you hear that a lot of developers who end up making a bad game or even closed after joining into larger publisher? That in the end, the focus of the company that suddenly the pursuit of profit is also no different than a death sentence. This is reportedly going to happen with the best action RPG game developers – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt RED.


See the effort big companies – Vivendi is trying to take over Ubisoft today, the same rumor also was what happened to CD Projekt Red. The success they achieved with The Witcher 3 and great anticipation to their next project – Cyberpunk 2077, making rumors about forced purchasing strategies of some large investors have sprung up. CD Projekt reportedly immediately held a meeting of shareholders to settle this one issue. The good news? They finally spoke and fear for it is not proved.

In their official statement, CD Projekt mention that they are not currently threatened efforts on forced purchase of any investor. Yesterday’s meeting of shareholders held not as a reaction to whatever happens with CD Projekt today, but as a precaution against a possible scenario in the future. They are trying to make sure that was the case with Vivendi and Ubisoft is currently not the case with them.

So therefore, then certainly there is no “threat” that we will meet with CD Projekt Red “new and mercenary” in the near future. A fact which is of course a relief and of course expected, could last until their next projects. Fight, CD Projekt!

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