Nex Machina Review: neon bullet hell!

Housemargue, how many of you have heard or even, given the name of this one studio developer? For Playstation 4 owners early in the release a few years ago, Housemargue is one of the cool game providers who managed to prove the ruggedness of Sony’s concoction device through a title called RESOGUN. Cold hands they mix an action game that feels familiar, but also full of innovation at the same time. With a circle-level design, complete with fantastic full-particle visual effects at the time, RESOGUN amazed many gamers who had longed for similar genres at the time. Something they are trying to offer back through their latest project – Nex Machina.


Housemarque returns with their latest action game – Nex Machina on the surface, seems to offer a similar appeal in different story, world, and character formats. An action game that will prompt you to respond quickly to any threats, while avoiding so many threats that can kill you with a single touch. With their twin-stick shooter format, it looks like a game ready to slam your mouse or controller across the room.

So, what is actually offered by Nex Machina this? Why do we call it a fluorescent bullet hell? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Resembling what they did with RESOGUN in the past, Housemargue does not seem to see the plot as essential to enjoy their latest game, Nex Machina. There’s no cut-scene cut or just a short novel to show you what’s really going on in this world. What you know is that you act as a main character who comes by using a super cool motorcycle, shooting with laser shots, with various variant robots becoming the main enemy.

The good news? A little background story you can find directly on the official website of Housemarque for Nex Machina. He recounts the conditions in the future, where humans can no longer separate themselves from teknolgi. Along with the addiction to portable smart devices, AI itself increasingly smart. To the extent that they begin to develop self-awareness and rebel against humans. So as you can predict, the imagined seclise, it becomes your duty and responsibility to stop the doomsday scenario.


So, what kind of challenges should you face? Can you save mankind from the dangers of his own creation? All the answers are certainly you can get by playing this Nex Machina.
Visual ala RESOGUN

Although it carries genre and gameplay that is quite different than their previous project – RESOGUN, Housemarque still retains some presentation elements that will make you who tasted the action game, to recognize the relationship of both. You will be faced with a futuristic world of dystopia that does not contain much information about the story, character, or enemy you face. Housemarque treats each stage a variety of themes are nothing more than a “playground” to provide the enemy on it, or rather, get you trapped and killed.

From the visual side, he did not look fantastic. But the artistic approach to his presentation that makes this game quite charming. There are two things he borrows from RESOGUN: first, is the effect of particles that still medominate any existing destruction, from the environment to the enemy, and the second – the color game. Like a fluorescent world in the middle of a big war, Nex Machina comes with bright colors with high contrast to represent its own charm. Red enemies, brightly colored shots, bright blue lights that appear when you finish the level, until the concept of the main character of the motor that will probably immediately remind you of Tron.


Despite so many shots and environmental awareness that you have to do, thumbs up also deserve to be directed to a minimalist UI design. That Housemarque seems to understand that they do not want your action to move, shoot, or dodge is quickly curtailed by too many icons that can block view. Given it is almost impossible for you to pay attention to this UI-UI while busy to survive, he

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