Skull & Bones Will Have Single Player Campaign Mode

Offering a mechanical of the specific game that many gamers like as a new and separate product, that’s what Ubisoft Singapore does with their latest game – Skull & Bones. No doubt calling it a game that bases itself on the action of pirates of several series of Assassin’s Creed in the past, Skull & Bones picked it up as a separate pirate game. In the event E3 2017 yesterday, Ubisoft focuses on showing the existing multiplayer mode, where you and your other friends can fight each other by using a variant of the ship with a series of different customization items. The question now, whether he will carry single player mode at all?


The confused mystery finally gets clarity from Ubisoft. Talking to PC Gamer, Ubisoft ensures that Skull & Bones will get a single-player campaign mode with a clear story that will bring you to meet with many other iconic characters and other famous spears. Promised to share more details later, but Ubisoft also confirmed that he will still be in touch with the existing multiplayer mode.

Will this “campaign” mode end up like For Honor with always-online needs? Or will we get something deep and interesting enough? Let’s wait. Skull & Bones itself is planned to be released in fall 2018 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. Interested?

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