Dynasty Warriors 9 Release New Trailer

Seeing that Dynasty Warriors can survive across generations with similar gameplay mechanisms from one series to another is certainly an awesome sight. Why? Because if the same thing applied in the franchise or other genres for example, then the complaint about the lack of innovation will be a criticism that you often hear. But Koei Tecmo and Omega Force themselves seem to begin to realize that in the current generation of competition, it is a good moment to start bringing this franchise to a higher level. Something they offer via the ninth series – Dynasty Warriors 9.

After being announced and getting some official screenshots some time ago, Koei Tecmo finally unleashed the inaugural trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9. You can see what kind of visual quality they are stretching, as well as the implementation of the world that will now open wide as open-world games . You can also see one of the characters using a bow and arrow to shoot an exploding red barrel. While from the side of his own action, you will meet with a sensation that is not much different.


Dynasty Warriors 9 is scheduled to be released for Playstation 4, but still without a definite release date. He has been confirmed to be released for the Japanese market, without any discussion of the European and US versions. Looks interesting?

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