SEGA Announces SEGA Forever for Mobile

They may no longer be active in hardware competition after the “embarrassing” Dreamcast fiasco in the past. But the name of SEGA as one of the backbone of the game industry with many franchise and iconic characters can not be excluded just like that. They still consistently spawn or just become the brains behind many cool modern games, like Yakuza or Total War: Warhammer II, for example. Admittedly, for gamers who already know their football in the past, it’s hard not to associate the name of SEGA with the potential for nostalgia. Something that they are exploiting through the latest project titled SEGA Forever.

So what is SEGA Forever? It is a compilation of SEGA classic games from every generation of consoles that will be released for free for the mobile market. Instead of this policy? SEGA Forever will come with an in-app ad system, which you can remove by paying $ 1.99. It will also be playable offline and supports some new features, such as cloud saves, support for controllers, and leaderboards.


Interesting again? It will not just static. Regardless of the confirmation of at least five games at the start of the release: Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon and Altered Beast which was released in SEGA Genesis in the past, SEGA is ambitious to continue to add library games in SEGA Forever in the future. They also claim that each of these titles has been specially designed and adapted to be optimally enjoyed on mobile devices.

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