Wii U Emulator for PC: Performance Progress for Breath of the Wild!

Two thumbs up seems appropriate indeed directed to the brains behind the Nintendo Wii emulator for PC – Cému. Of all the previous generation console emulators, it shows the progress of the most promising. Starting from a two-dimensional game, Cému only takes a few months to run its first three-dimensional game, and a few months later for exclusive Nintendo games. Existed long enough, he has now even been able to run quite a lot of games in comfortable conditions, including in terms of framerate and visual. Their main target next? Of course, Nintendo’s most popular games today – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Only a few weeks from its first appearance at that time, still arguably problematic, Cému showed promising progress for the Breath of the Wild. Not only framerate is more convenient and visual rendering that no longer seemed troubled, previews for Cému version 1.7.4 also enables a broad exploration of Hyrule. A bug in previous versions of Runes is resolved, leaving just a matter framerate and the graphics are minimal. Cému will release the latest version of the contributors Patreon its early next month, and a week later to the public.

With such promising progress is not impossible, gamer PC with PC specification that is qualified to be able to enjoy and feel firsthand what is revered praise of Breath of the Wild itself. Holy ..

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