Resident Evil 7 Release Video Rear Screen

Finally back to the roots, no longer the right word to describe the charm offered by the latest Capcom survival horror game – Resident Evil 7. After the last series that looks more like an action game third shooter, this seventh series brings back back atmosphere is creepy and suspenseful which is synonymous with this franchise in the past. But of course, significant changes were applied Capcom to this latest series is not an easy process, from story to change the viewpoint of the game though. Something discussed Capcom via video screen behind them.

As was done with the Naughty Dog The Last of US and Nintendo with the Breath of the Wild, Capcom also released a behind the scenes video for Resident Evil 7. It is divided into several parts that will be released within a certain period, this first video discusses the initial concept and the division of responsibility development. Capcom also talk about some of their ideas that end up not appear in the final version, of function variants hold your breath to avoid the zombies that are interested in it until the “removal” Diane, Baker Family pet dog for the reason that they now regret.


Resident Evil 7 itself ended successfully in the market with millions of copies sold in a few weeks of the initial release. He is currently available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – the PC, the VR feature while only offered for Playstation VR only. How about you? How many of you are enjoying the game on this one?

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