Preview Mass Effect Andromeda: Not bad as that Conceivable!

From one of the most anticipated games this year to the game so the source of the greatest joke when it was released, this is the fate that must be faced by the latest action RPG blends Bioware and EA -Mass Effect: Andromeda. Lunge previous trilogy that successfully redefined the game with a sci-fi universe this interesting problem reduces to nest animation that it dominates the talk over the past few days, produces a distinctive doubt. The question now of course, whether Mass Effect: Andromeda is a game that is so bad that did not deserve to be enjoyed? If you are one of those gamers who worry about these things, we got a bit of good news for you.


First impression

The decision to make Frostbite Engine as a base for Andromeda has drawn a question mark of its own. Although this engine already proved itself optimally for the games with the first corner, with the exception of FIFA 17 and Need for Speed, he did not feel special for space exploration game with an open world style of Andromeda’s enough. Play it on PC with visual setting “Ultra” did not make it look all that up to its fantastic visual quality deserves to be praised. Its ability to offer ciamik facial detail remains diperihatkan, although the ending is not too significant for the game more often asking you to look at the back of the main character like this. You can see for yourself the quality through a myriad of screenshots that we release below.

One thing is certain, the problem of animation that was read in the virtual world is indeed a problem that actually happened in Andromeda, particularly in the early hours of the game. That you will see strange running motion, the character’s face that looks awkward and incapable of projecting emotions appropriately, to a standing posture like a monkey in the movie Planet of the Apes. The proportion of strange body and the animation is also sometimes chaotic effect on the gameplay, where you sometimes see a character running in a tilted position of 45 degrees when running or foot caught on the edge of the high terrain does not make you to be halted for no clear reason. This game is obvious, have a significant problem related to the presentation, something that is quite embarrassing for a game that bears the name “Mass Effect” in it. The issue of “World” today? There is no function to perform skip animations that make us almost crazy, especially when moving planet.

But along with the course of the game, you’ll start to forget these weaknesses and absorbed into the story developed quite solid. With new galaxy for the first time explored the human, Bioware is able to mix a sense of mystery, grandeur, and anxiety as a race of explorers without a way home that had to fight to live. Powered by mechanical action RPG that is still charming with a variety of modifications that you can inject to the main character, you can see its appeal. Especially when you are given the freedom to explore certain planets using your Rover and completing side missions there.

But unfortunately, after dozens of hours of gameplay, we begin to understand the reception of most gamers who vote as an action RPG that is too ordinary for a big name “Mass Effect” in it. Because amid the praises of open-world game Zero Dawn Horizon class and Breath of the Wild, Andromeda it comes to open-world system “stale” which seems familiar to us. Side missions without meaning to ask you just looking for something or kill the enemy in a certain amount makes it feel “lazy” on one side. But at least on the other hand, there are some other features are quite interesting to pursue, such as crafting system for weapons and the opportunity to get buff or certain special functions to strengthen / expand your headquarters, named “Nexus”.

Is this game as bad as you imagine? As far as the eye could see, not as severe as had in our brain when he saw defects animation stretcher. On the one hand, it offers many attractive features, but on the other hand, he failed to present the qualities that make it worthy of the “name” Mass Effect. It is an action RPG game playable who do not feel special.

While waiting for a more proportionate to conduct a review, especially considering we have not tested the mutliplayernya mode called APEX, let us throw a myriad of screenshots fresh from the oven to help you get an idea, what is Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s not that bad ..

Mass-Effect-Andromeda-jagatplay-part-1-58-768x432 Mass-Effect-Andromeda-jagatplay-part-1-37-768x432 Mass-Effect-Andromeda-jagatplay-part-1-26-768x432

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