Mafia II Demo Offer

Money is always a “problem” when talking about the biggest video game. Because in the end, those who have limited pockets are always faced with a large glued matter which game is appropriate to glance, especially when talking about third world countries such as Indonesia. The best solution lies in one word – “demo” to get some idea about what is offered by these games. Unfortunately, of all the existing AAA game releases, you can count on one hand how many who care enough to inject the content. The good news? Mafia III became one of them.

Problems with the AI and monotonous side missions that might make many gamers are not interested in this one game. But for you who are happy with the atmosphere of mafia legacy of brutal and merciless, especially through the presentation of a unique story, Mafia III would fulfill the dream.

Do not believe? You can try it directly via a demo that is now available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – the PC. The demo version will allow you to enjoy the game early chapter. The size of this demo itself ranges from approximately 20 GB for each of the existing platform.

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