Lost Soul Aside Releases Latest Screenshot

Some of you may remember a game called Lost Soul Aside? For those of you who have forgotten, it is a project of an action RPG game based on the Unreal Engine 4 feast for the eyes. But it is not visual which makes the popular name of this game, but the fact that it was developed by one person alone, a South Korean developer named YangBing. With a dazzling debut trailer, Lost Soul Aside development process itself has grown considerably. He is now done by five different people with developmental process is comparatively early.

Which are interesting? Aside Lost Soul was entered as one of the 10 games were introduced by Sony in the project “The Chinese Hero Project” them. The project, which started in mid-2016 is a form of support Sony’s 10 game titles from the dev. China they consider potentially for sale. Lost Soul Studio Aside itself now define themselves as Ultizero Games, with some official screenshots were also released via their official Facebook fanpage.

lost-soul-aside-new-2 lost-soul-aside-new-1 lost-soul-aside-new-6 lost-soul-aside-new-5 lost-soul-aside-new-4 lost-soul-aside-new-3

There is no certainty at all 10 games of the China Project Hero will be released, including the Lost Soul Aside that will carry this RPG genre. Look attractive in your eyes?

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