Know Vifth Floor, Game Developer Collaboration Local with Cross Country

In August 2016 then, one more game developer works of Indonesian origin have been released for the PC via Steam. The game entitled Just Deserts, dating sim uniquely combines the themes of war against alien love story and element management. Despite its shortcomings on the side of the interface, Just Deserts still managed to entertain thanks to the high visual quality, compelling stories, and the soundtrack is very cool.


Creators behind Just Deserts is a Jakarta-based game studio named Vifth Floor. On this occasion, we will take you to know better about the studio that he was still relatively new. Starting from the story of its founding, the struggle to get a publisher, to the success of Just Deserts are secretly turned out to bring many investors. Listen below.

Derived from the fifth floor of a campus building


Once, in the University of Indonesia, there was a building frequently used as a place to hang out by the students of the Faculty of Computer Science. One floor of the building, precisely the fifth floor, often a point of playing video games. Rudy Rachman Indrawanto, producer and founder Vifth Floor, also including the “residents” of the place.

A play the game then turned into an interest to create their own work. Rudy told me, “At first I invite some friends of the school to create a digital work done by prominent visual quality. After discussion, we chose a sort of visual novel work, because the process is considered too time-consuming and low complexity. ”

With a three-member team, Rudy began working on the visual novel with the title VOID 2015. Visual novel is the theme of mafia with herbs dark comedy, and planned to have more time to play up to ten hours. Unfortunately, the project failed because they did not receive funding.

“At that time we used Indiegogo for funding, but the results are far from the target. Within a fairly close together, we were fortunate to investment from an interested party. But as we see VOID less prospected that time, we moved the work Just Deserts, “said Rudy.

Collaboration across country

When a new stand, Floor Vifth members are coming from the fifth floor of a campus building. But as time passes and the more serious the project, the studio is experiencing change as a crew until only Rudy former residents of the five remaining floors. Now the project is done Vifth Floor has involved creators from around the world.

“For the production crew remained passable (continue until other projects) there are in Malaysia. To voice also we take from Americans. Visual most of the country, but we take one of Malaysia because it was short of people to pursue deadline. “The hiring process itself is generally done through social media.

Just Deserts have a visual team, led by the main illustrator the pen name RCZ. RCZ also sparked the idea of a military-themed story with herbs dating and aliens. Other team members include Jatibon and Donsaid as an illustrator background, Jun-P and Kareidon handling the CG, and BonitaBone and Phiquadrat tasked to make the illustrations as well as interface items.

Just Deserts making process had experienced quite a lot of obstacles, both technical or non-technical. Schedule lives of members of different teams sometimes cause trouble to assemble and coordinate. Plus, this game had been recast gameplay design.

“At first, this game is quite simple, there is only an element of management. But in the middle of development, when the new testing discovered that there was no feel of achievement with management gameplay alone, “said Rudy. “Only when it added an element of story and battle. Yes, there was even a story in addition to getting answers when giving a gift to a heroine. ”


The increase in complexity over quite difficult to implement. Because, Vifth Floor develop the Just Deserts with Ren’Py, software created specifically for the production of visual novels. Incorporating additional gameplay is possible, but the results are not optimal.

Visual wonderful blessing

When working on projects Just Deserts, Vifth Floor obtain funding from the two parties. First, the angel investor who does not want to be named, while the second is the issuing company Sekai Project. The second collaboration is quite interesting, because the Sekai Project itself is offering.

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