Cyberpunk 2077 will be released in 2019?

Quality takes time, this sentence seems to also be applied in the gaming industry though. Although the game requires a long development process does not always end up being a phenomenal product, while providing more free space for developers to make their vision a reality. The annual time usually required to work on a game, from beginning to end. The most difficult for gamers? Is the process of waiting was born of him. As perceived by the majority of fans of RPG gamers with the most recent project CD Projekt Red – Cyberpunk 2077.


Already announced for a long time through a few screenshots and a teaser trailer, CD Projekt Red never share detailed information related to the RPG ambitious as this one. But the announcement about the cooperation with the new Polish government seem to indicate they release Cyberpunk 2077 release plan, namely in the upcoming mid-2019. Confirmed will use a new engine – Red Engine 4, the project will receive direct financial support from the government.

The project itself is referred to as a game that will combine four major elements in it: a smooth multiplayer, cinematic thrill, the animation in the best quality, and the creation of the city itself. Together with the injection of new funds, CD Projekt Red immediately opened dozens of jobs to deal with each of these aspects.

Although not mentioned explicitly, but the scale of this semasif development, it stands to reason that spoken by CD Projekt Red is indeed Cyberpunk 2077, which had been anticipated. Can they complete it within the next 2 years? We’ll wait.

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