Tips and Tricks Play Mobius Final Fantasy For Beginners

For those of you hardcore gamers who are bored with Pokemon GO, it would switch to another mobile game that Mobius Final Fantasy released last week. Final Fantasy title is a mobile that also display many interesting features that are very dear to miss. The game itself was released last year in another country and never had time to become the number one mobile games in Japan. Well, for those of you who are planning to play this game, or have been playing this game but still confused about what to do. This time I will give you tips and tricks to help strengthen your character. Here are things you should consider:

Do not Forget the Main Storyline

Mobius Final Fantasy global version has just been released is still only has two chapters alone. So you can still complete the entire mission was available quickly. Do not get hung up on a mission alone, because the farther the journey, the higher EXP and Seed that you can get. In addition, this game provides a lot of side-quests, which will help in strengthening the character. So be prudent in managing stamina.


Note Score Fighting Ability to Obtain Seed

The development of character is not limited to the character level, but also at the level of Job and also the development Ability Panel. Every Job in Final Fantasy Mobius need to open the Seed Ability Ability Panel. To get Ability Seed, you only need to complete a stage. To chapter 2, you can easily search for Ability Seed in Cape Crown (only takes 6 stamina). Your goal is to reach a score of 200 thousand, because you will get 3 times more Ability Seed.

Try One by One Job, Choose the Appropriate Style your playground

With so many options and variations Job, it helps you basically Job fourth try first. There are four basic Job supplied this game are Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Monk. But for now Monk itself has not been implemented, so it makes it easy to choose a base class which is suitable for you to play. You can try these three classes early, before finally choosing which class is suitable for you proceed. Along with the game, eventually you’ll get a lot of new deck for you to try.

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